Arizona – 2005

I travelled to Scottsdale Arizona in April of 2005. It was a business trip and I wasn’t really expecting to use my camera. After all, what could there possibly be to see. I admit it, I was quite mistaken.

DSCF0495_editedThanks to the spring rains, the desert was alive with flowers and wild life. Now that I have a sense of the place, I would love to go back and spend a week photographing the desert flora and fauna and checking out Sonora.

In Scottsdale I stayed at the Sheraton Desert Oasis Hotel. I would highly recommend it. Although pricy it was a real treat. DSCF0443_1_edited

Most of the photographs in the galleries are of desert flowers and landscape. I highly recommend the Atmosphere Gallery. I hope you enjoy my photographs.DSCF0525_edited

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