This section is a work in progress and represents a collection of trips to the Caribbean with an emphasis on underwater photography.

IMG_0321_edited_smallMy first exposure to underwater photography was during a snorkelling trip in Barbados. I bought an inexpensive housing for my digital camera and was amazed at the results. Canon seems to provide the highest level of support for point and shoot digital underwater photography. I used a Digital ELPH for the turtle pictures. The sharks photographs where shot using a PowerShot. I recommend them both, although I have a strong bias in favour of digital cameras that shoot raw in format.

FinePixS300084_1_editedOf all the Caribbean destinations I have been able to visit, I like Barbados the best. It has its manicured tourist areas, but the undeveloped Atlantic beaches are awesome with their pounding surf and windswept beaches. A wonderful escape and an opportunity for unexpected photographs.

FinePixS300124_1_editedThe South Caribbean pictures were taken during a cruise I took with my son in March of 2005. I have always resisted taking cruises. I guess I was afraid they were really just a floating bus trip. Boy was I wrong!

The Turks and Caicos pictures were taken in January of 2006 and focus on underwater subjects. Now there is a photographer’s dream. Lots of colour mixed with adventure. I plan on shooting underwater whenever I can.

IMG_0559-copy_editedIf you have time try the Adobe Atmosphere Galleries. Adobe has discontinued support for this form of web presentation, but I think it is a splendid way to present photographs. I will continue to post them as long as drivers remain available.

Please come back soon for the complete narrative. Till then, the gallery is open and there is lots to see.

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